The Spiritual Renaissance

Nothing makes you feel better than soaking up your inner spirituality and allowing your confidence to radiate. While nature’s most powerful ingredients deliver a sense of calm and natural positivity, reflect on what’s important and feel your mind unwind. Throughout this bathing ritual, take the time to thank your body for carrying you through the ups and downs of life’s journey.

We begin with inhalations using gotu kola packed Re:Fresh Oil, followed by a foot cleanse using Fig & Vanilla Body Wash. Next we will exfoliate The full body using Fig & Vanilla Salted Body Crush before showering off the scrub with Fig & Vanilla Body Wash.

The relaxation truly begins with a full body application of vitamin-enriched Fig & Vanilla Body Lotion which is allowed to soak in under warm blankets before the facial begins. Using our Illuminate Collection to brighten and nourish, we will deep cleanse & exfoliate the face before our signature acupressure and lymph drainage massage.

To finish, deep inhalations of the Japanese Re:Fresh Oil to relieve mental fogginess.


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