Signature Body Treatments

Natural Spa Factory Awakening Body Salt & Oil Scrub

A true awakening of the body & mind using only the purest salts & natural oils. This full body treatment revives tired skin & nourishes the senses with the finest natural fragrance and soothing carrier oils, you skin will be left fully quenched so no need f or added moisturising. A perfect treatment on its own or add it to any of our face & body treatments for a truly all-embracing experience.

30 minutes - £33.00


Natural Spa Factory Back Revival

A detoxifying and calming treatment for the back which focuses on soothing irritated and congested skin. The antioxidant activities of rose oil play a key role in deep cleansing and healing the skin before exfoliation. Calming peel-off Mask is applied to calm and draw out impurities before a soothing massage using raspberry infused Sensitive Body Oil to alleviate built up tension.

40 minutes - £44.00


Natural Spa Factory Body Rescue
A full body therapy treatment to help eliminate feelings of sadness, depression, and sluggishness while inducing a happy or charged feeling. The fresh scent of Colombian Rush Coffee Scrub fills the treatment room as your entire body is exfoliated followed by a hot shower. We will then deliver a tailored massage using Invigorating Body Oil to transport you mentally and physically to a tension-free state.

70 minutes - £75.00


Kiss The Moon Beauty Sleep Ritual

A sensory experience using beautifully blended face & body oils to help you with a beautiful nights rest. This ritual of calm begins with a soothing blend of chamomile tea and aromatherapy foot soak. Deep inhalation’s and a gentle back massage is followed by soothing facial, incorporating our signature acupressure and drainage facial massage, before easing you gradually into a light pressured body, hand & foot massage. (Available after 5pm on weekdays only).

80 minutes - £85.00


Bumps a Daisy Pregnancy Bliss
Pregnancy is a special time, but a time when some of the finer things in life (champagne and caviar!) are restricted. Treat yourself with scents of decadent coconut, sweet neroli, and gentle sweet almond oil in an all embracing treatment. Incorporating a full body scrub & hot shower followed by a body cocoon and relaxing facial. This nourishing cocktail will ease water retention, soften skin & aid a restful night’s sleep, need we say more?

75 minutes - £80.00


Let us take care of you and our beautiful planet, it would mean the world to us.   

Our urban retreat offers you an escape from the pressures of daily life. Our treatment rooms are designed with light, clarity and calm in mind, natural colours and wood finishes with the occasional quirk built into the frame of the building.

We have carefully selected brands which meet our high standards to offer you an extensive selection of carefully curated treatments which are designed to relax and nurture your well being.

Our therapists are experts at offering you a service which extends far beyond the the norm, with he sole intention of putting you at ease from the moment to walk through our doors.