Lashes & Brows (V)

Lash Lift & Tint*
Revolutionary lash treatment by Nouveau Lashes which creates masses of Length Volume & Lift (LVL) with your own natural lash, includes lash tint.

 60 minutes - £55.00
(Add Brow Shape and Tint - £20.00)
(Add Brow Lamination - (30.00)

Brow Lamination*

Latest brow trend, perfect for gap filling, sculpting of unruly hair & can deliver either groomed or fluffy brows; finished with tint & shape.

 40 minutes - £40.00


Brow Shape
Creates definition & lift lasting up to 4 weeks.



Brow Tint*
Creates depth, fullness & definition lasting up to 4 weeks.



Lash Tint*
Creates length & definition lasting up to 6 weeks.



Lash & Brow Package*
Combine brow shape, brow tint & lash tint to create the ultimate definition lasting up to 4-6 weeks.





All treatments marked (*) require a skin test at least 48 hours prior to booked appointment.

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