We love Blasta Henriet, do you?

Natural Pain Relief And Everyday Comfort

Natural remedies, traditional craftsmanship, and a passion for linen is at the heart of Blasta Henriet, founded by Swedish native Lo Blästa in 2017.

Working with sustainable linen flax and Cotswold wheat to create self-care products that provide relaxation, natural pain relief, and everyday comfort. The materials which they use are all raw or natural, and certified free from chemicals and harmful dyes.

The fabric used across the range is sourced directly from the mill in Europe. Every other part that goes into making these beautifully made products is done in the UK. This includes details such as the stitching, label making, our recycled product packaging and fabric printing. Our products are designed to be durable, multipurpose and timeless.

At Beautiful Betty, we stock Blasta Henriet products such as the wheat bag and the eye pillow. Explore the range now on our website.