Natural Spa Factory Capsule Damascene Melting Cleanser & Make Up Remover


A cult favourite amongst our partner spas. Flecked oil based gel cleanser with Damascene rose oil. The honey texture melts between fingertips into a hydrating oil to massage into skin & emulsifies into a milky fluid when water is added. Multifunctional - gentle enough to use around the eye area & to remove make up.

This gel is packed with Damascene rose oil, which is blessed with multiple properties. It is a natural astringent, working to lift and tone skin. It is a cicastrisant, which helps to fade scars caused by spots, pocks and acne. The antioxidant activities of rose oil spur on the healing process of the skin, paired with the antiseptic properties naturally delivered by rose oil, which make this the perfect way to start your skin care regime. Tocopherol (vitamin E) has powerful anti-oxidants to protect and help moisturise the skin whilst being non-irritating and anti-inflammatory