Natural Spa Factory Fig & Vanilla Body Wash & Body Lotion Duo


The fresh and earthy tones of this delicious fruit accompanied by a soft sweetness of vanilla will leave you feeling squeaky clean and deeply moisturised.

Perfect for daily use to keep skin beautiful.

We believe in offering products that are gentle to the skin, with a beautiful, subtle scent and free of any nasties. Therefore, none of our lotions and potions contains parabens, sodium laurel sulphates, methylisothiazolinone or methylchloroisothiazolinone, microbeads and no artificial colouring.

Our natural hand wash and hand cream set is free from any nasties such as Parabens, SLS, MI and MCI Sulphates. Great for men and women, suitable for daily use and perfect for leaving your hands fresh and clean, locking in moisture. Our natural hand wash contains Coco Glucoside (derived from renewable raw materials such as coconut oil) to help the lather process, vitamin E a powerful antioxidant whilst being non irritating and anti-inflammatory and Hydrolyzed wheat protein to improve moisture levels. Our natural hand cream contains sweet almond oil which is rich in A, B1, B2, B6 and E vitamins help soften the skin leaving it supple and moisturised, Jojoba oil which has a similar structure to sebum (the oil produced by our skin) so the skin allows it to absorb quickly and effectively whilst gently balancing and healing at the same time and vitamin E to lock in moisture.