Natural Spa Factory 100 Oils - Organic Baobab Oil -


A lifeline for dehydrated and maturing skin. Cold pressed, organic oil extracted from the seeds of the monkey bread tree, also known as the Baobab tree or Andansonia Digitata, grown in Senegal.

Our Baobab Oil is known highly for tackling blemishes, scars and marks on the body. Voted No. 1 in the Independent Best Buys awards for treating stretch-marks, this nutrient-rich oil is the multi-functional hero your skin will thank you for. Baobab oil is great for skin as it contains omega fatty acids which mimic the skin's natural oil production, balancing skin and sinking into skin with ease (non-greasy). It also contains omega 9 an oleic acid, is high in antioxidants, protecting skin cells, great for antiageing. Baobab oils also contains Omega 3 & 6 which helps the formation of cell membranes, responsible for protecting and strengthening skin cells, vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin cell renewal and vitamin A which stimulates fibroblasts – the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy in the deep layers of skin. Our baobab seed oil is also multifunctional! Baobab is a great hair oil, it's high in proteins so nourishes, improves hair elasticity and encourages cell regeneration. Not only does baobab oil work for hair growth but the proteins and antioxidants help protect the hair from environmental damage.