Natural Spa Factory 100 Oils - Organic Rosehip Oil Skin Soother


A great alternative to bio oil, Morrocan oil or Argan oil for targeted skin repair, this will help to renew skin cells, lighten discolouration and protect skin with a plethora of antioxidants. Completely natural, with no added scent - just the distinctive verdunt & sweetened grassy aroma of pure Rosehip Oil.

 Our rosehip oil, harvested from rose bushes grown in Chile, adapts perfectly for all skin types, and is the absolute best we could find - 100% unrefined and natural. The texture is smooth yet thick, and the colour is an intense rubied amber. A brilliant source of vitamins e, c, d, f, and b-carotene and a host of fatty acids. The result is an even, balanced and dewy skin tone.

Healthy ageing. High in antioxidants that penetrate deep in to the skin, with vitamins A and E helping to stimulate collagen production. Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause sun damage, combined with vitamin A and essential fatty acids that help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. Essential fatty acids help reduce the effects of eczema and reduce the appearance of scarring by promoting skin regeneration. Anti-inflammatory for soothing and healing skin. Vitamin F is essential for healthy ageing by assisting in cell membrane and tissue regeneration. Light and easily absorbed. Good for all skin types - including sensitive skin. Suitable for Pregnancy - really great for targeted stretch mark soothing, or general use on the face & body. Improves firmness and elasticity.