Natural Spa Factory Capsule - Organic Zero Waste Scrub with Bitter Orange & Argan Granite


Our only Organic body polish is packed with Argan Shell and Orange zest to gently and naturally exfoliate skin. Paired with Jojoba and Argan Oil to moisturise, soften and protect, and finished with a blast of refreshing Bergamot for an effective and soothing body polish. It can be added to a carrier oil or water to glide over skin as a polish, or used dry to gently buff away dead skin.

A combination of Argan shell and Argan oil provide a great source of Vitamin E and Fatty acid – great for repairing damaged skin, providing nutrients to protect from irritation and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plumping skin and leaving it feeling soft. Argan Oil soothes skin, restoring elasticity; perfect for post pregnancy to help with stretch marks and sagging. Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E, B- complex, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine and Chromium – all essential for healthy skin, and ideal for sensitive skin. Sweet Orange Zest is packed with Vitamin C – a powerful anti-oxidant, helping to protect from oxidative stress – a major contributor to signs of ageing.