Natural Spa Factory 100 Oils - Refined Passion Flower Seed Oil (Maracuja Oil) Youth Blast - 30ml


Also known as Maracuja Oil - the Passion Flower Seed Oil provides a light blast of hydration for young skin. Harvested from seeds of the passion flower, selected from both South Africa, cold pressed, fully filtered and refined.

Passion flower seed oil (also known as Maracuja oil' ) is one of the best known sourced of omega 6 fatty acids, containing nearly 80% linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps restore the barrier function and reduce scaling on the skin. Light and thin in consistency, protecting and nourishing without being too heavy – perfect for oily skin types, and non-clogging. Skin with acne has been found to have less linoleic acid than 'normal' skin types. The high level of essential fatty acids are known to recharge and replenish the skin. Vitamin C brightens skin. Anti-inflammatory – calming for problematic skin Vitamin A slows the breakdown of collagen, and normalises oil production – great for balancing oily skin. Vitamin A normalises the appearance of pigmentation & help prevent breakouts. It also promotes natural moisturising – leaving skin radiant and glowing. Passion Flower seed oil helps to treat dry hair and scalp – lighter than other hair oils, anti-inflammatory and great for an irritated scalp.