Natural Spa Factory Face Mask - Resurrection Collagen Serum Infused


For lifting & plumping!

Bring skin back to life with a healthy ageing collagen moisturising tissue mask.

Impregnated with a rich collagen serum to help the skin keep its hydrolipidic film - a protective layer that covers the entire surface of the skin composed mainly of sweat, sebum and water and its main function is to defend the skin against bacteria, acting as an external protective barrier. Perfect for Dry Skin. Collagen - Responsible for maintaining skin's elasticity and resistance. With its exceptional moisturising properties, it boosts the dehydrating cells and helps to restructure the dermal tissue and fights against ageing. Vitamin E - Reinforces the hydrolipidic film acting as a barrier function for the skin. The loss of water decreased maintaining moisture. Repeating the process the skin will become more supple and soft.