Nuddy Soap Bar Tin


This baby is a travel tin for helping to protect your fave nuddy Soap. Our nuddy travel tin is a great way to carry your soaps, where ever the wind takes you! 

What is it? An Aluminium soap travel/storage tin.
Why it’s amazing: we sell our soaps in cardboard cartons, because it's the most sustainable option. We could put them in a tin, but that's pretty wasteful, if you ask us. So, here is a solution - you can buy it once and use it for EVER. Ok, maybe not forever, but for a realllllly long time. It is Aluminium so it won't go rusty. The travel tin protects the soap and means you can take it out of the bathroom when not perfectly dry when going on holiday/the gym etc.
Good to know: Keep tin dry whenever possible. Wherever possible air dry soap before using tin.

Please note: these tins have been created for our soap bars. Shampoo bars will not fit.