Natural Spa Factory Illuminate Unscented Eye Gel Cleanser

Unscented to ensure the mildest treatment, this delicate Eye Cleanser fits perfectly in your daily facial routine. With a touch of water, it will create a milky emulsion - perfect for cleansing skin around the eye, removing eye make-up, pollution and grime from the delicate area. Rich in oryzanol, it helps the skin stay smooth and supple whilst combating blemishes and age spots. The extract of vanilla and white flower aids the removal of make-up and oil. Oryzanol also helps to lighten dark circles – perfect for lightening dark shadows that appear under the eye. Increased levels of vitamin E help with skin's elasticity – perfect for delicate and thin skin around the eye to help protect from fine lines and eye bags. Alpine plants and flowers are rich in anti-oxidants; great for combating signs of ageing and helping skin elasticity and plumping skin in the delicate area.