Natural Spa Factory Scrubs - Yuzu, Pink Beets & Watermelon Body Scrub


Redolent of lazy beach sunsets and zesty cocktails, our award winning Yuzu, Beetroot & Watermelon Body Scrub is 100% inhibition free.

Japanese yuzu gives a fragrant citrus edge to the burst of watermelon – suspended in a pink beetroot flecked haze.

Beetroot pieces and powder will deliver skin protecting antioxidants, with plenty of iron and vitamins to purify and brighten the body and detox the skin.

With a fresh burst of watermelon to flood skin with the scent of summer.

We love this watermelon skincare scrub as does Women's Health Magazine - trust us, it will become a year - 'round staple! With thick & granular chunks of dead sea salt to help with effective and deep exfoliation. Salt scrubs are great for the skin - helping to stimulate circulation, flushing out toxins. Beetroot is one of the most anti-oxidant rich vegetables known; protecting from harmful free radicals, helping healthy ageing. A rich source of iron and vitamins, beetroot is known to purify skin, leaving it bright and glowing. Grape-seed oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as linoleic acid, which is great for promoting skin health and alleviating fine lines and wrinkles and improving elasticity. Grape-seed oil is a very light oil that can be used on even the most sensitive skin. Grape-seed oil has astringent properties to help tighten skin and close pores which is a great benefit to oily skin as it avoids clogging that can lead to pimples. Peach kernel oil is rich in essential linoleic and oleic fatty acids which give it a special affinity to the skin. It protects the skin by supporting its barrier function and thus preventing moisture loss.